‘Count Me In’ math camp

This July, I am thrilled to be working as a tutor at a Ministry of Education Summer Numeracy Program run by the Ottawa Catholic School Board. This will be a unique and exciting opportunity to expand my professional knowledge through practice and ongoing learning. Through interactive math centers, numeracy rich tasks, and outdoor environmental inquiry, this math intervention program aims to reduce summer learning loss for K-5 students, leverage technology and home connections to develop positive attitudes in math, and increase students’ and educators’ math fluency (without fear!). This will also help me to develop my professional learning network, which I have been carefully building throughout my practicum and volunteer experiences to date.

With an emphasis on growth mindset, this program seeks to increase student confidence and cultivate a sense of belonging for students. We hope to make some exceptional math mistakes and keep moving forward to build a supportive learning community!


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  1. mary anne cowan says:

    This will be a wonderful professional learning experience for you Elizabeth! I can’t wait to see your blog posts as you make mistakes and learn side by side with your students and other teachers at your site! What a wonderful opportunity to hone your math teaching strategies and cultivate students’ growth mindset!


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