Marshmallow challenge

On the first day of summer numeracy camp, we decided to have the kids try the "Marshmallow Challenge," as described by Tom Wujec on his website and during the TED Talk featured below. The students were provided with a paper bag kit containing all the materials, and they were instructed to build the tallest freestanding structure... Continue Reading →

‘Count Me In’ math camp

This July, I am thrilled to be working as a tutor at a Ministry of Education Summer Numeracy Program run by the Ottawa Catholic School Board. This will be a unique and exciting opportunity to expand my professional knowledge through practice and ongoing learning. Through interactive math centers, numeracy rich tasks, and outdoor environmental inquiry, this math intervention... Continue Reading →

Scientists in school

This week I had the pleasure of participating in a visit from Scientists in School (SiS), which is a Canadian science education charity that brings science workshops to K-8 students. As the grade sixes are working on their biodiversity unit, their workshop focused on the science of classifying organisms. The facilitator briefly reviewed the process of classifying organisms before allowing the students... Continue Reading →

Number talks

Number talks were developed as a teaching strategy to increase student understanding of the numerical relationships that serve as the foundation for math rules, which we often just memorize without truly understanding. Number talks strive to helps students compute with accuracy, efficiency and flexibility. These number talks are characterized by purposeful classroom discussions about carefully... Continue Reading →


There is nothing worse than watching a student struggle with a math problem because they're not sure where to start or misinterpreted the question. Enter the CUBES math strategy! C- Circle the key numbers.  It is important for students to recognize that sometimes there are numbers given in a question that are irrelevant to the problem itself. By... Continue Reading →

Barbies vs. Superheroes

For a recent assignment aimed at enhancing mathematics thinking, I worked with colleagues to develop a body ratios activity at the grade 6 level. This activity falls under the proportional relationships unit (Number sense and Numeration strand) and addresses Overall Expectation 3, to "demonstrate an understanding of relationships involving percent, ratio, and unit rate." (Ontario Ministry of... Continue Reading →

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