Sketch it out

Visual learning has many benefits, especially in the classroom. Sketching and drawing in particular can be used to develop students’ skills in observation, literacy, and creativity. By sketching, students not only learn how to represent and visually communicate their ideas, they also draw on background knowledge to meaningfully connect their ideas to the real world.... Continue Reading →


Kahoot is a tool to create, play and share learning games for any subject. Learning games can be created (by teacher or student) from multiple choice questions, and students then answer the questions on their own technology devices while the game is displayed on the SMARTboard. Kahoot quizzes can be used as a check-in to... Continue Reading →

Graphic organizers in the classroom

Graphic organizers or key visuals are visual displays of subject matter content that focus on how knowledge is organized. They visually demonstrate connections and relationships between key ideas or concepts using labels, arrows, boxes, etc. Key visuals help students to develop content understanding and language skills. Graphic organizers have a variety of applications for guiding... Continue Reading →

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