Area and perimeter

Activity #1: Tables configurations Our third and final week at numeracy camp focused on area and perimeter, which we introduced using the picture book Spaghetti and Meatballs for All! A Mathematical Story by Marilyn Burns. It is an engaging story that describes a family reunion, where the arrangement of the tables and chairs is constantly changing as more... Continue Reading →

Reader’s Theatre

Reader’s Theatre is a strategy where a group of students reads a script after having rehearsed it. It is used to build reading fluency, so Reader’s Theatre does not involve the use of memorization, props, costumes or staging. Rather, students are encouraged to rehearse the script so that they perform it naturally. Teachers, students or other... Continue Reading →

Observe, question, infer

The Observe, Question, Infer (OQI) Chart is a strategy used to help students organize and articulate what they know (observation), what they wonder (question), and what they infer (inference) based on a text or image. This strategy has many potential applications for both individual and group work. At an individual level, it could be used... Continue Reading →

Literature circles

Literature circles are a reading strategy in which small groups of students come together to read and discuss a piece of literature. Literature circles encourage students to engage in critical thinking as they reflect and respond to books with classmates. They are a flexible and dynamic strategy that is guided by student interest and questioning.... Continue Reading →

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